About Me

Hola and welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

My name is Kate and I'm currently living back in the United States after I spent 2 years overseas in the small, Spanish-speaking, Central American country of Honduras. I traveled overseas to visit my now-husband and and decided to stay after finding a job teaching English. Adjusting to life in a different country was a transition and, oftentimes, very difficult. I had to change and develop daily, as my perceptions and views on global society was challenged from both Americans and Hondurans. 
I struggled to learn Spanish, eat different foods, and came to realize that my independent nature in the United States changed into a nature of dependency due to no car, beginner language skills and simple difficulty to function in a different society by myself. I relied on my husband, and two years later, he has come to rely on me.

We decided to move back to the United States in late 2011 and filed all of the necessary immigration paperwork in December 2011. After nearly one year (ten months, to be exact), my husband received his visa to come live in the United States and we arrived here in October 2012. We have since gotten married, moved to a different city than my hometown for my teaching job, and waded ourselves through the unbearable process of waiting for immigration to issue my husband his permanent residency.

Life is sometimes hard, but it is never uninteresting.